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Jun. 18th, 2007



Bionic Woman

Hope this is ok to post, but I was browsing on Youtube and found this clip of Will talking about his new costar in the Bionic Woman. I didn't notice it before on here, so I hope its ok to share :)


May. 30th, 2007

Anna Tsuchiya


Oops! Sorry I forgot to post this last night...

Plans for this community:
New layout: Anyone here good in headers and layouts in general.
Getting new members; PROMOTE, PROMOTE, and PROMOTE!
Having (at least) two co-maintainers. I think this will help the community a lot.

If anyone have any other suggestion to inject life back into this community or make it interesting, feel free to comment your suggestions in this post. :)

May. 28th, 2007


It's been while...

First of, I would like to apologizes that I haven't update in months. I been busy with work and things. Just haven't had the time to properly maintain the community like I wanted. I been thinking about what to do with this community. For one thing, I thought about deleting this community. Thought about it a lot but I decided that I won't do that. What I have decided on is to revamp the community (Like I been trying to do). Start over... New Layout , profile and everything...

Apr. 3rd, 2006



A Silky Smooth 'Thief'

Will to star in Fireflies

" Will Yun Lee (Elektra, Thief) has been cast as the lead actor for the independent film 'Fireflies', a deeply original three part drama based on the fate and humanity of a female character (Gina), throughout three different stages of her life. 'Fireflies' is the first movie financed by the Korean government that will be filmed primarily in the English language and will be shot in various locations across the U.S. including Alaska, LA and Las Vegas. 'Fireflies' is also one of ten projects selected to be developed and financed by the Korean Film Council, a branch of the Korean government's Ministry of Culture and Tourism, a government body similar to the US's MPAA. As the first non-Korean-language film supported by the Korean government, there are great expectations that the success of this film will pave the way for similar projects in the future from the Korean Film Council.

The Korean Film Council in association with the New Cinema Network, has as its mission the goal of producing films which would otherwise have found difficulty procuring funds for production. 'Fireflies' has been guaranteed a cinematic release in Korea and will compete in the most prestigious film festivals around the world.

It was written and directed by JJ Kim, who's first feautre film 'Listening to the Voice of a Wind' competed at the 2004 Cinequest film festival. Lee will play Lucas, a good-looking but corrupt undercover police agent. A highly complex charcter who is peculiarly obsessed with the neatness of his hair, he is torn between the wish to do the right thing, his feelings towards Gina, and his natural, violent and cynical instincts.

Lee will co-star with Hyena Kim, 25, a rising star from Korea whose credits includes over a half a dozen Korean films including 'Flower Island' (2001) and 'Into the Mirror' (2003). The co-stars will shoot the first part of 'Fireflies' in LA from April 3, 2006 for about two weeks."


Mar. 28th, 2006


Don't forget!

Thief premiere tonight @ 10pm (Check your local listings for times in your area) on FXnetwork!

I haven't forgot. I am still working on the new layout and userinfo. Hopefully, I can get that done, if not end of this week, sometime in April. :)

Mar. 3rd, 2006


Well now!

It's been an long time since I updated. Yeah. I have some good news to report!

Thief will premiere on March 28 10pm Eastern Standard time on Fxnetwork! Check your local listings for time! Check out the the Promo on Thief page of Fxnetwork.

It look pretty hot!

Community news!
This weekend I will be changing and updating (include the Community info) the look of the community. I will make it look a little interesting, and get some more people to join.

Also, I am planning on creating an fansite. Will needs more sites! haha

Nov. 1st, 2005


(no subject)

The first time I saw will was on witchblade and i was impressed. From then on I liked him as an actor though I have not really seen him in anything else except for one of the james bond movies. I hope he plays a role in the tekken movie that will be coming out because that would be real cool.

Jul. 29th, 2005



It's been a long time!

I almost forgot about it. Sorry. ^^;;

Well, not much news about Will lately. I hearing a movie he going to be in. Don't know the name of it or what's about. Then there's "Thief" that coming on FX. Don't know when that's coming on. Last time I heard it was later this year or next year. I will post any new developments about that. If I hear any. haha

I am not dead! I am still here.

I need to start promoting this community get some members here. :)

Apr. 6th, 2005



I know I suppose to update but I got sidetrack and forgot. Sorry. ^^;;;

What been going on with Will Yun Lee?

Will is/was/maybe still in Korea. Teaching at Choong Hyun Welfare Facilities.
Here more about it there:

btw, so you know it's in Korean. Also, there should be pictures on the page. The link is not working for me now. I am at school. :\

Will's TV schedule for Mar. 27-Apr. 30:



Elektra is out on DVD. Get your copy today! :D

Mar. 24th, 2005


Just a remainder

Elektra is out on DVD, April 5th!

I haven't been keeping up on news about Will. *bad me* Tomorrow I will do post news I missed. I am tried now. Sleep...

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