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April 2008

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groovychick103 in willyunlee_fans

hey i just thought this video was really cool

hey everyone i just thought this video of will was really and it's also a plus for any other **utada hikaru fans**


Thank you

a lot for sharing this. I also liked the interview I got from one of the pictures at the bottom. I'd never seen it before, and of course it's handy to have all those clips from Torque.

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ur welcome :)

awww ur so welcome i was just browsing youtube.com when i cam across this and i thought it was cool, and i also found another video of him well it was actually a movie trailer fomr a korean movie called "Hers" but the "E" is backwards though lol and he is one of the main characters, i read about it a little on youtube and the little information box said that it was about three women trying to find love, and i thought that was cute, and he's one of the main characters, you should also see another movie he's in called "Face", it's a low budget film but it's really good even though he acts like a bad ass lol

p.s. i love him in Torque he was soooo handsome
Thanks for posting!
I wish I had all those great pics--especially the one with him sitting and his shoes are untied :)

ur welcome:)

awww ur welcome, i saw that picture 2 and thought it was soo cute and bold! lol